AppFinder App Rejected From the App Store

Trying to Fix App Discovery Over the past few months we’ve been working on a new app called AppFinder to help solve problems with app discovery on the App Store. We were inspired by The Broken App Store article posted by the creators of the successful Twindr app and decided to take a hiatus from our work on the… Read more →

Validating Your Mobile App Idea - Guest Post on

So you’ve got a great idea for the next app that is going to change the world.  It’s time to get started developing the app right?  Wrong!  Far too often as app developers we start building apps with a target market of one - us!   Before you start investing time, money, and effort into developing an app that others may or… Read more →

5 Steps for Competitive Analysis of Competing iOS Apps

In any business knowing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses are invaluable to your chances for success.  iOS app development is no different and knowing more about apps that compete with yours will help you improve your app.  Here are some tips that we’ve learned over the years that can help you learn more about what your competition is doing well… Read more →

CocoaPods - iOS App Library Integration Made Easy

So you have been developing iOS Apps for sometime now, and you have been pulling in external libraries from GitHub to help speed up your development. Wouldn’t it be nice if the cumbersome process of adding these libraries to your project was streamlined? Well, here comes CocoaPods to the rescue! CocoaPods is an easy to use, easy install dependency management system… Read more →

Tips for Making Great iOS App Screenshots for More Downloads

So you’ve spent countless hours developing your great new iOS app and you’re ready to submit the app to Apple and take the market by storm.  You’re going to be the next App Store success story - you just need to fill out the necessary information in iTunes Connect and wait for review. You come across the screenshot section and you rush to take a… Read more →

AppFinder - Private Beta Now Open

Over the past week we’ve been working through the Test Flight approval process for AppFinder.  We had to make some tweaks to AppFinder to receive approval and now we’re happy to let you know that it has been approved for beta testing! Initially AppFinder was rejected due to App Store Review Guideline 2.26 (full details available here) which has specific rules around… Read more →

Our Experience Using for AppFinder

If you’re not familiar with Betalist and you’re in the startup space you should definitely check it out. Betalist is a site that features ‘new’ startups that have not launched yet and it’s a great way to get early adopters and beta users to test and validate your startup idea before launching. We had heard positive things about Betalist from others in… Read more →

AppFinder App Coming Soon - Fixing App Discovery

Recently we wrote about the disjointed app discovery process and the large influence that reviews have in the success or failure of your app. This post was inspired by the Twindr team’s article on Medium regarding how broken the app discovery process is and this Forbes article that goes into detail about the difficulties independent app developers have getting their apps discovered. In the current… Read more →