Progress Update - Minor Change of Plans…

It’s been a while since we’ve provided an update on our app research product  We spent some time working on our AppFinder app and since then we’ve changed our approach to  When we first got started we thought it would be best to make a web app but as we began creating the site we decided that it was more appropriate to make a mobile app instead.

One of our main goals with is providing the ability to quickly capture your ideas and a mobile app makes more sense for this.  You always have your smartphone with you and when an idea comes to mind you want to be able to jot it down right away.  A mobile app is a much better fit for this than a website.

In addition we want to help you research your app idea with minimal initial input.  Only a few keywords describing your idea are required to get started and a mobile app is still a perfect fit for this.  As you can see from our early screenshots below you can research blogs, the App Store, and more just by typing in a few keywords.

When launching the app we want it to be super simple to add your ideas and that’s what you’ll see in the first screenshot.  With a few taps you can enter a new idea or view the ideas you’ve already created.  From there you can view the keywords that you’ve added, do research based on those keywords, and also find new keywords you may want to consider.

The fourth screenshot shows one of the features we’re most excited about - Review Mining from the App Store.  As you search for apps on the App Store we’ll interpret the reviews that customers have written about competing apps and highlight the terms most often used.  This can give you insight into what their customers like and what they think can be done better.  This gives you an opportunity to develop your app to take advantage of the weaknesses of your competitors.

We still have more work to do in the coming weeks - particularly improving our competitive analysis features.  We think this feature will help you decide which of your ideas to pursue and will help set you up for a successful launch before writing a line of code.  You don’t need to be a developer to use - just someone with an idea for the next killer app (or apps)!

Within the next few weeks we plan on opening up a private beta of to refine the idea based on your hands on feedback.  We will be using Apple’s Test Flight service to facilitate our beta testing phase of our release process.

If you’re interested in being one of the first people to try make sure to sign up for our email list below.  Once we’re ready with our first beta release we will send an email inviting you to sign up to use our new app.  We’re very excited to be closing in on the first release of the app that we feel will jump start your app ideas.