Our Experience Using Betalist.com for AppFinder

If you’re not familiar with Betalist and you’re in the startup space you should definitely check it out.

Betalist is a site that features ‘new’ startups that have not launched yet and it’s a great way to get early adopters and beta users to test and validate your startup idea before launching.

We had heard positive things about Betalist from others in the past and we thought it would be a great fit for our AppFinder app as we were submitting it to Apple’s TestFlight service for beta testing.

Betalist offers their service for free but it can take a few weeks to months to get your app reviewed so we opted for the $99 option to have AppFinder reviewed in 3 days or less since we’re planning to have AppFinder available for beta testing soon.

We submit AppFinder on Sunday and it was up and featured on Betalist on Monday.  The entire process was very simple and easy and the team at Betalist was very helpful along the way.

AppFinder Betalist Screenshot

Once AppFinder was posted on the site, signups from people interested in AppFinder and 716 Labs started rolling in rapidly.  Since we’ve been on Betalist over 150 people interested in our ideas have signed up to learn more and get early access to AppFinder and our other ideas we’re working on.

If you’re in the startup business like we are definitely head on over to Betalist to see if it can help with your idea.  Idea validation and feedback is invaluable in the early stages of your idea development and Betalist certainly helps with that.