716 Labs creates apps and software that make your life better

716 Labs was formed after winning the 2014 Western New York Civic App Challenge with our Family Connection app

We're now making new apps and websites to have a positive impact on others.

Our AppFinder app has been created to fix app discovery on the App Store and we're hard at work on Idea Analyzer to help app entrepreneurs validate and market their ideas.

We're excited about the future and the products that we're creating to help solve every day problems.

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Idealyzer App Launched with the Help of Open Source iOS Controls

We’re happy to announce that after a few rounds of reviews with the Apple team the Idealyzer app has finally been approved and released for you to download. We’ve been working on Idealyzer for the past few months as a way to help automate and manage the market research you do when evaluating app ideas. Throughout this time we’ve put… Read more →

Promoting Your iOS App by Sharing Deep Links to Promo Codes

So you’ve just finished creating your iOS app and it has been approved by Apple.  Congratulations - this is very exciting! One of the next steps in successfully promoting your app is sending Promo Codes to  journalists and app bloggers so they can review the app to help generate some buzz. First you need to login to your iTunes Connect account and visit the… Read more →

App Review Mining to Improve your App Development and Marketing

The mobile app industry is a unique marketplace in many ways and one specific way is the review and feedback cycle.  We’re going to tell you more about the concept called ‘review mining’ and how you can use it to improve your app business. Each and every day your customers and potential customers are telling you what they like and… Read more →