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Web design and development industry is $24 billion in the US only.App economy to grow to $6.3 trillion in 2021. When 716-labs started, iPhone apps were just beginning to trend, the App Store was new and shiny, and Google Play was just a fraction of the marketplace it is today. Since then, the profitability of releasing an app has increased exponentially. 716-labs will help you launch your app and aid in developing post-launch monetization strategies.

If you have any unanswered questions about 716-labs, mobile app development Islamabad City, or if you want to put us to work don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our team is ready to pounce on the next great idea – hopefully, it’s yours.

Your idea, our development of apps, websites, portals and much more …

Result riented mobile app design & web development firm committed to help you ahead of your competition.

You are already having a lead by landing here. Our AI, Data analysis , Machine Learning and Digital Marketing expertise make us better than the best.

We are challenge winner, selective and passionate experts in enterprise and consumer-grade applications.You are here with a best idea and we’ ll make it happen.

Web App Design & Development

We are expert in developing and designing website or a more complex web app with a lot of integration points. We are a NY challenge winner app developer team to ensure quality product delivery as per customer’s satisfaction.

Mobile App Development

We are a Complex iOS and Android App Design & Developer group. Have expertise in building functional mobile apps with an unmatched user experience and superior interface design.

Online Digital Marketing

We have a dedicated quality content providing team and effective SEM, SEO and Social Media campaign generator. Our strategy is to boost your competitiveness and ensure that you become the leader in your industry.

So, How Do We Do, Exactly?

Our full offering of services mean, we take a project from opportunity analysis, utilize our design and build process then perform through soft launch extensive testing to deliver as per customer’s idea.

We turn ideas into work of art with detailed research of market
We understand the customer’s thoughts and implement them accordingly.
Our Web & Mobile App development is realization of actual idea.
Our quality assurance team perform all possible testing before launch to ensure delivery as per expectations.
Here is your product ready to roack.

IVY Connect - On-demand (iPhone + iPad)

Healthcare Services, on-demand.

IVY connect-On-Demand is an iOS application which provided services to customers on demand.

Users can choose from the available services which are displayed based on distance in kilometer from user’s location.

IVY Connect - Partner (iPhone + iPad)

This application provides jobs to employees registered with IVY Connect-On-Demand application.

Every employee can register for different categories of jobs.

A job alert is sent to the application if employee is in the specific distance range and registered in the job category.

Alphabook (iPad) Landscap + Portrait

Alphabook application is a guide for investor’s. It is of a client, who analyze the current market trends and help to make better opinion. This iOS app presents reports & analysis in a way that user’s can enjoy as well as get some important advise. The application consist of different sections namely Intel, Macro, Media, headlines, risks and g20.

Cricket Daily (iPad)

Cricket daily is ipad app, which provides live score updates and commentary to users. It also provides score updates of the old matches and information about the upcoming matches.

Cricket daily displays various Team players, rankings of the teams.

cThru Nutrition (iPhone)

This project displays products information scanned by a barcode or QR code.

It scans a product and displays basic information as well as graphical charts (like a funnel) of the vitamins and allergies information to the user according to the predefined chosen preferences of the user.

User can see related products and can search between thousands of products.

Capshr (iPhone/iPad)

This project displays opportunities (On Map or in the lists) within 2 kilometers of range for the user to avail that opportunity.

Opportunities do have an expiration time and user need to avail that opportunity within that time, User shares a picture with the business logo and gets a token for that opportunity.

User can go to the shop and shows the token to redeem that opportunity. The main purpose of the application was to advertise businesses on many of the social platforms and increase revenue.

Woo! Guess Hashtag

This project downloads pictures from Instagram based on a hash tag, those pictures are displayed to the user to guess the hash tag

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