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Promoting Your iOS App by Sharing Deep Links to Promo Codes

So you’ve just finished creating your iOS app and it has been approved by Apple.  Congratulations - this is very exciting! One of the next steps in successfully promoting your app is sending Promo Codes to  journalists and app bloggers so they can review the app to help generate some buzz. First you need to login to your iTunes Connect account and visit the… Read more →

How to Improve your App Store Rankings using App Review RSS Feeds

Customer reviews of your iPhone and iPad apps are major factors in the success and discoverability of your app.  Since 2013 Apple has been using customer ratings as a major factor in the Top app list algorithm in addition to number of downloads.  Having an overall positive app rating is one of the Top 3 ways for your app  to rank higher… Read more →

StartupApp.info Early Progress Screenshots and Updates

Over the past month we’ve been hard at work developing StartupApp.info to be the one stop site for app idea market research, validation, and post launch marketing. We’re excited with the progress we’ve made and we wanted to share some screenshots of our early progress so far. As you can see in the screenshots below we have a functioning sign… Read more →

Top Paid iPhone Apps Categories - January 2015

The iTunes App Store is an ever evolving market and changes to the ecosystem impact your changes of success.  As Apple changes the rules, developers and entrepreneurs must adapt to the changes to create successful apps. As of January 2015, app reviews and a high number of app downloads over a short period of time go a long way to making your way… Read more →

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