AppFinder App Coming Soon - Fixing App Discovery

Recently we wrote about the disjointed app discovery process and the large influence that reviews have in the success or failure of your app. This post was inspired by the Twindr team’s article on Medium regarding how broken the app discovery process is and this Forbes article that goes into detail about the difficulties independent app developers have getting their apps discovered. In the current… Read more →

Top Paid iPhone Apps Categories - January 2015

The iTunes App Store is an ever evolving market and changes to the ecosystem impact your changes of success.  As Apple changes the rules, developers and entrepreneurs must adapt to the changes to create successful apps. As of January 2015, app reviews and a high number of app downloads over a short period of time go a long way to making your way… Read more →

Keys to app launch success - Overcast app case study

The success or failure of your app can be determined before you’ve actually completed the app development and launched on the App Store. This case study from the indie developer creator of the Overcast podcast app shows just how true this is. Launch day success is less likely the one in a million overnight success story and more likely the… Read more →


Welcome to our new blog for our site - from 716 Labs.  We’re app entrepreneurs building a new tool for app developers and entrepreneurs just like us. We want to make it easy to do your market research and come up with a solid marketing plan when you’re ready to launch your app. is a work in progress right now… Read more →

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