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Islamabad the second most beautiful capital in the world has emerged as one of the top anticipated tech hubs of the future. Islamabad city is on of the most attractive Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) option for tech giants of Silicon Valley.

When there’s a demand for more apps, there will also be a demand for those that can build them properly. It only makes sense to be searching for expert app development companies who know the formula that makes an app successful in Islamabad’s wildly competitive, but thriving marketplace.

App Developers in Islamabad

716-labs is a mobile app development company that creates award-winning, groundbreaking apps for emerging startups and established enterprises alike. Our team of developers, designers, and strategists serve Asia and Europe through our offices located in Islamabad and Munich. We’ve launched many projects for iOS, Android, and web, with several of them winning awards and getting featured in their respective app stores.

App Development in Islamabad


We build native and hybrid apps by using the latest development environments like Objective-C, Swift and React Native. Every project stack is different depending on the requirements. Contact us and let our team recommend what stack would work for your project.


We are entering into the app development journey with an app idea we want to bring to life, but that’s just the beginning. It might only be scratching the surface level of the solution that customers need.

We all want to be working with a team that can expertly predict what users are looking for; we want to keep the user’s best interests in mind.

We’ve guaranteed success on many of our products with ideation, discovery, testing, and iteration. This is what agile is all about: building the product iteratively and incrementally. Agile not only proves to be effective and foolproof but also allows us (and you) to save time and money since we only build what’s absolutely necessary.

Building an app without constant testing poses unforeseen risks that become increasingly difficult to fix, creating the perfect scenario for a killer headache. On the flip side, agile helps to limit that risk by letting our teams utilize unparalleled flexibility and build the apps in smaller parts. With agile, we ship quickly and frequently. Its methodologies allow our teams to recognize better paths for the app and go for better opportunities when they emerge.