Keys to app launch success - Overcast app case study

The success or failure of your app can be determined before you’ve actually completed the app development and launched on the App Store.

This case study from the indie developer creator of the Overcast podcast app shows just how true this is.

Launch day success is less likely the one in a million overnight success story and more likely the result of solid market research, a developed marketing plan, and creating a quality app that focuses on your customers’ needs.

Overcast monthly sales

Being a target customer yourself also goes a long way - Marco focused on his own pain points and created an app that would solve these.

Not all of us may have the following that Marco has (being a developer of Tumblr and Instapaper after all) but we can learn from his approach to having a successful app launch.  Engage your target customers, let them be a part of the process, and building a quality app are steps we can all take.

We’re making to help you with the market research and marketing plan for your app to increase your odds of a successful go to market strategy for your app.

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